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ATD has the pleasure with all the guests who follow our site, or with those who are participating in our activities, to share opinions, weapons used, products used, or used materials / equipment, and companies that help us and supported in our training course.

This exchange of views means that we are delighted to list a series of brands and products that, according to our opinion, are worth a visit on their reference site.

Thanks to the stuff of ATD772.

"Zoworking Academy" official NAEMT Center, the most important professional association of prehospital rescue professionals in the United States of America, in collaboration with

ATD772 offers courses of:


·       NAEMT Instructor – Italia

·       NAEMT Instructor – Italia

·       NAEMT Instructor - Italia & Formazione Formatori e Tattica Militare

·       NAEMT Instructor - Italia & Formazione Formatori e Tattica Militare

·       TCCC® – Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Medical Personnel

·       TCCC® – Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Medical Personnel

·       TECC® – Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

·       TECC® – Tactical Emergency Casualty Care


especially addressed to law enforcement agencies, fire brigades and to all emergency personnel working in civil and non-civil matters.


Orobico shooting range

ATD772 has the pleasure of collaborating and conducting its courses at the "Orobico  shooting range"- Bergamo , where it finds professionalism at high levels and above all friendship.


Glock Perfection

ATD772 during its courses uses Glock 17 FTO.






<ADC< Custom

ATD772 during its courses uses ADC Custom .





BlackFolium is an avant-garde company with regard to Tactical Military Equipment,

where you can find what you are looking for especially at high levels of professionalism.


Military, tactical, tactical and tactical clothing


Military items, collection knives and survival kits.



TDA promotes the practice and diffusion of the shooting sport.

TDA entrusts with decades of experienced staff at FFAA and FFOO departments, Italian and foreign, competent and qualified.


ATD772 relies on facilities such as Shooting Training Labs who, with their experience and professionalism, collaborate with us to organize and offer a high quality product.

ATD772 is using Tactical Gear products in its activities.

All Tactical Gear materials are processed exclusively in Italy, not only to guarantee high quality but also because Tactical Gear is born and will remain forever a completely ITALIAN reality.







Ghost is a company leader in its field since 2004 creating superior products that enhance safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and sport professionals, and sells these products under registered trademarks. We are innovators who make purpose-built gear for the most demanding missions. Flexibility is our main goal and we take pride in building specialized items on a “you ask, we build” basis.
 In 2006 Ghost International received the “Quality Control” ISO 9001:2008 certification.


EXERCUI is an organization that operates globally for governments, organizations and companies, both public and private, in the field of professional training.